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Updated: Feb 3, 2018

WHITE WITCH, my next novel, will be out in early March. So, it's time to start talking abolut it, the story and the characters. It began with my son, Kel, who owns America's Production Company in Florida. He worked on a project in Jamaica and came back, talking about Jamaica's White Witch. I became fas

cinated with the story. Several months later he and I both traveled to Montego Bay where we stayed at the Ritz. My friend, Bob Steggart, then risk manager of Marriott International, uppgraded us to a corner suite, overlooking the water. Thereafter we spent five days, researching the story of the White Witch and, more importantly, the Maroons of Jamaica. Caveat here: While the title is WHITE WITCH, she's in a supporting role, and an important one, but still not the star of the story. The real story is about the Maroons, their struggle to become a free people three hundred years ago and their renewed efforts to preserve their lifestyle and their rainforest. Stay tuned. More to come.


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