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WHITE WITCH (March 5, 2018 launch): When we last visited with Annie Palmer, she had murdered the husband who brought her from Haiti to his Rose Hall Plantation. Only, she wasn't through with killing. She took two more husbands and killed them. Apparently tiring of marriage, she started choosing her lovers from her slaves. After a romantic night or two in her boudoir on the second floor of the Great House, she would kill them, often with a magic SNAKE DAGGER, or have them hauled to the dungeon where she would watch as other slaves tortured them. No surprise that she became known as the WHITE WITCH. The photo is one that my son, Kel, took when we visited the mansion, which was restored to its original splendor in 1962. Now, it's a tourist attraction where visitors are enthralled with the story of the evil WHITE WITCH, Our guide was quite definite that the staff and tourists must leave Rose Hall before dark to avoid the risk of being accosted by the ghost of Annie Palmer. We took her advise. More later....


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