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Her last lover was the son-in-law of an overseer, himself a voodoo priest. When the overseer heard that he was last seen being taken to Annie's bedroom, he knew what happened. (more)

A few nights later under a full moon he took four slaves to dig a grave at the side of the Rose Hall Mansion while he went to Annie's bedroom. He and Annie started levitating plates, bowls, pictures, candlesticks and other objects, willing them to fly through the air at each other. Annie looked at the snake dagger on her nightstand and it flew into the overseer's heart. Only, before he died, he crossed the room and strangled Annie and threw

her body off the balcony to the slaves below, yelling, "Be sure to bury her in the voodoo way." Then he died. About a hundred years later her body was placed in this crypt that can still be seen at Rose Hall.


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