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Day one started a little slow.  Vicki and I decided to go out to breakfast.  In the afternoon we went to a naturefest and saw a movie in the evening.  So, I only wrote three and a half pages.  But that’s okay.  Just like every journey starts with that first step, a novel starts with that first word followed by a sentence.  Yesterday I got past the inertia and finally ran out of excuses.  So it began.

Today has been excellent.  I wrote another eleven pages in about five hours and have just now called it quits for the day.  Something my brother said many years ago has always stuck with me.  He said it’s really hard to be creative for more than four or five hours.  I, too, have found that to be true.  Even on weekends when I have more time (provided I’m not in trial), I say enough after five hours, just like Tommy used to do.

WRITER’S TIP:  (I just decided to throw these into this blog from time to time).  Once you’ve written for four or five hours, reward youself with tennis or going to the driving range or a walk in the sun, maybe even reading some other author’s really good book  You’ve earned it and there’s always tomorrow.

Speaking of good books, I started Jeff Parker’s THE JAGUAR two days ago and am thoroughlly enjoying it.  I’ll try to say more about it when I’m finished.  As great an author as he is (Three Edgar awards…Wow!), I’d never considered reading his books until he and my friend John Lescroart did a joint book signing at Murder By The Book here in Houston a few weeks back.  My guess is I’ll be reading more of his stuff.  Stay tuned.