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 Celebrating the Launch of The Insanity Plea

Larry D. Thompson

No thriller writer alive knows the courtroom any better than trial lawyer-turned-novelist Larry D. Thompson.  He stakes out the gray area between morality and the law, cranks up the tension and delivers a powerful story with compelling characters…When the gavel sounds in Thompson’s courtroom, the reader snaps to attention.
Paul Levine, Best Selling Author

“This is an exciting and  nervous time for me as an author.  I’m launching my fourth legal thriller, THE INSANITIY PLEA  on May 6 on Amazon.  My first three novels have all been published by major New York houses, the last two with St. Martin’s Press, one of the best.  But, we all know the publishing business is evolving.  And authors must evolve with it.  I love brick and mortar stores and I certainly want the traditional publishers to prosper.  Still, I decided to abandon them at least for this novel and test the waters of direct publishing, with the able assistance of my literary manager, Ken Atchity and his smaller imprint, Story Merchant Books.  So, THE INSANITY PLEA will only be available on Amazon, for at least the first year.  It won’t be in Barnes & Noble or the independent book stores for a while and I’m sorry about that.  However, there’s a silver lining.  You, the reader, can download THE INSANITY PLEA on you Kindle for $5.95 instead of $10 to $15 and buy a print version for less than $14.  I still have to do all the promotion, just as I did when St. Martin’s was the publisher, but the other good news is that even at lower prices, I actually make more per book.  So, how’s that for a win-win?

Here’s a little about THE INSANITY PLEA.  The comments from those who have read advance copies and reviewers have been fantastic.  Kirkus Reviews uses phrases like fierce courtroom drama, intoxicating, riveting, the courtroom scenes often soar.  We authors love that stuff.

The story begins before dawn in Galveston when a young nurse is out for a run before reporting to the operating room at the hospital.  Another runner comes from behind, slits her throat and tosses her limp body over the seawall to the rocks below.  Dan Little is a homeless man, actually a paranoid schizophrenic, and is sitting out at the end of the seawall, doing as his voices command:  He is raising the sun.  When he is satisfied he has once again succeeded in starting another day, he makes his way back through the rocks until he stumbles over the nurse,s body.  When he checks for a pulse, he finds none, but takes her diamond tennis bracelet and leaves, not knowing that he is leaving a trail of bloody footprints on the seawall.  When he is captured the next day, he still has her bracelet and the blood on his shoes matches that of the nurse.  He is charged with capital murder.

Wayne Little is Dan’s younger brother and a successful trial attorney in Houston.  Having all he could handle from a schizophrenic relative, he had disowned his brother ten years before and refuses his mother’s pleas for his help.  When he finally relents and takes over his brother’s defense, he is joined by Duke Romack, a six foot, ten inch former NBA player turned criminal lawyer.  When they size up the evidence, they realize they have two faint hopes.  One is to plead the defendant Not Guilty By Reason of Insanity.  The other is to try to track down the real killer before the jury must decide whether to send Dan to the death chamber.

I’ve combined a legal thriller with the necessity of tracking a serial killer.  Frankly, it’s a helluva ride, right up to the last page and sentence.  I invite you to climb aboard.  You’ll enjoy it.